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A continuous focus on innovation guarantees us to keep up to our customer promise of the highest possible yield per m2. How we manage that? We are happy to share some insides with you


Pure profit: maintain your grow light installation


Grow light is one of the most crucial production resources for a greenhouse horticulture business, so it's only logical that, as a grower, you will want to get the maximum return from your grow light installation. Good and regular maintenance – preferably in the time around crop rotation – is therefore a must. It means that you are assured of the optimum quantity of grow light, and thus of maximum production.

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Great need for knowledge of cultivation with LED lighting


Growing under LED is hot. And growers want to know all about it: there's a great need for knowledge. This was one of the findings that came from the overwhelming interest in the webinar 'Successful Cultivation with LED', organised by grow light specialist Hortilux last week in collaboration with GreenTech.

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Watch the webinar ‘Growing successfully with LED’ by Greentech and Hortilux


We are seeing that growers have a great need for knowledge on the right way to use LED lighting, on issues such as proven results for the crop, sustainability gains, and return on investment. The webinar ‘Growing successfully with LED’ by Greentech and Hortilux will provide answers to a lot of questions! Tune in on 15 June 10:00u CET.

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Add LED to your grow light system? Choose the optimal heat balance


This is essential to consider when upgrading your HPS grow light system to hybrid or Full LED. It has consequences for the crop development, the evaporation of the crop and the energy input in the greenhouse.

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Hortilux introduces new HORTILED® Top grow light systems


Hortilux introduces new HORTILED® Top grow light systems

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Easily add LED fixtures to your HPS grow light system


In the coming years, many growers will be adding LED grow light to their existing HPS grow light systems, creating hybrid grow light systems. There are a wide range of reasons for beginning to use a hybrid grow light system. They are often related to new cultivation and production goals, or to the possibilities and limitations that the greenhouse presents (for example higher energy costs and/or limited energy capacity).

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