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A continuous focus on innovation guarantees us to keep up to our customer promise of the highest possible yield per m2. How we manage that? We are happy to share some insides with you


Good and timely maintenance of grow light installation delivers pure profit


Grow light is one of the most crucial production resources for a greenhouse horticulture business, so it's only logical that, as a grower, you will want to get the maximum return from your grow light installation.

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Michèl de Wit new managing director Hortilux


Since 1 September, Michèl de Wit is managing director at Hortilux. With the appointment of De Wit, the company from Monster is taking the next step in its strategy for the coming years.

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Insight into daily plant performance presents opportunities to increase production


How does the plant use the available light, and how much does it produce from it? Until recently, this information was not available until after harvesting.

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Research LED lighting for soft fruit | Strawberry Demoday


With the right LED light recipe, you can achieve remarkable results with soft fruit.

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Controlling light extinction means controlling production


As a grower, you want the crop to receive as much light as possible. It is therefore essential to ensure that light extinction in the crop is as gradual as possible.

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Cultivation with LED lighting substantially different


LED lighting and the light recipes that go with it are developing rapidly. This in turn makes it easier for growers to adapt to crops' differing qualities and yields, while reducing energy costs.

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