HPS grow light generates multiple returns

HPS grow light (also known as Son-T) has been a standard for many growers for years now. A grow light system with HPS lighting delivers multiple benefits for growers. Increased production, higher-quality produce and the ability to produce year-round are important issues for many growers. And because it enables growers to be on the market year-round, they benefit from better prices and their returns increase.

Optimal returns

Hortilux is keen to help growers maximise their returns. One of the ways we do this is by providing HPS fixtures with the highest light efficiency. Our HPS fixtures are equipped with various unique technical features and a smart reflector design, which mean that the fixtures generate maximum light output. The advantage of this light efficiency is that fewer fixtures are needed to achieve the same results.

NXT2 1000w Topline: The 1000W fixture with the highest output

NXT2 600w Topline: The 600W fixture with the highest output

NXT2 600w Comfort: The 600W fixture with high output and an attractive price

We are happy to recommend the best HPS fixture for your greenhouse. For advice on your specific situation, please request a light plan or get in touch