HPS NXT2 1000W Topline

With its combination of technical factors and its smart reflector design, the HSE NXT2 1000W Topline fixture generates the highest light output. The advantage of this light efficiency is that fewer fixtures are needed to achieve the same results.

1000 Watt capacity

Lamp capacity per fixture

Input 400 Volt

Suitable for 400 Volt.

Minimal shadow effect

Advanced design that doesn't block solar gain

Passive cooling

Fitted with innovative cooling fins. This passive cooling means an extended lifespan.

High-quality Materials

Created with high-quality materials, for years of problem-free operation in all types of greenhouse

IP classification 23

IP classification 23 (rainwater-proof) and IP65 (protection from water jets) for electronics

Heat management

The fixture is fitted with innovative cooling fins that ensure optimal heat management for the fixture, making the HSE NXT 2 Topline one of the coolest, most sustainable fixtures on the market.

Optimal light distribution

The HSE NXT2 Topline is fitted with a standard reflector ring, meaning that a wide range of reflectors can be used. This in turn enables optimal light direction to the area desired. Despite its robust design, the NXT2 1000W Topline is the smallest fixture with the least shadow effect.

Easy to install and maintain

Hortilux has developed special wire brackets that enable the fixtures to be mounted quickly and easily. The levelling system makes installation even easier, and the fixture always hangs straight for optimal light distribution. The fixture’s status can always be accessed thanks to the integrated LED indicator. The lamp holder is designed to enable easy bulb changes. The EVSA is easily accessible for maintenance.


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This product is a fixture (or a part of a grow light system) intended for overhead illumination of horticultural crops. Any other use than the approved intended use described above is considered unintended use. Hortilux Schréder B.V. cannot be held responsible for possible (consequential) damage caused by improper, incorrect or inadvisable use.