Optimum light plan requires customised solution

In order to achieve optimal production and the highest possible uniformity, it is important to have sufficient light reception, the right light recipe, and the optimum light intensity for the product that is being cultivated. These aspects must also take the location in the world into account.

All of these aspects contribute to achieving consistently high production and crop quality. We use a light plan to determine exactly what this uniform light distribution will look like.

Customised solutions

Each type of crop and every variety, greenhouse construction and location in the world requires an individual approach. This means that the optimum light plan must be tailor-made.

The light intensity and uniformity are determined by:

  1. The type of light source / spectrum of the light source, the number of fixtures
  2. Distance between fixtures in the row
  3. Distance between the rows of fixtures
  4. The available height in the greenhouse

Hortilux’s engineers have decades of experience in creating light plans to suit growers’ own situations and goals. They do this using light calculation software specially designed by Hortilux.

Would you like a light plan for your new grow light system?

You can download the ‘Light plan request’ document using the button below. Send the completed document to engineering@hortilux.com.