The disadvantage of regular LED grow light fixtures today is that they are rigid: they have a fixed set of colors. Researchers and growers who want to experiment with variable light recipes, have to install several fixtures with different color combinations. With the HORTILED Multi 4DIM this is no longer needed: it enables researchers and growers to experiment with various color combinations in a single fixture.

Input 230 Volt

Suitable for 230 Volt. Other voltages possible.

Various spectra

Every desired colour spectrum can be designed tailor-made


Also available in a dimmable version.

Passive cooling

Fixtures are made of aluminum enclosures with smart cooling fins. This passive cooling extends the durability of the fixture.

IP Value 66

These fixtures can withstand rainstorms according to IP66

Easy to install

Equipped with high-quality connectors for easy installation.


Growing and research demand flexibility. The HORTILED Multi 4DIM fixture has that flexibility and delivers the highest output. The fixture has been specially developed for research applications in growth chambers, climate controlled containers, tissue cultivation and dimmable experimental set-ups. You create the correct light recipe and light level at any given time, with a minimum amount of fixtures!

Suitable for:

  • Creating the correct light recipe and light level for every crop
  • Crops that need variable light levels during the day
  • Vertical farming solutions


The Multi 4DIM consists of the highest quality LEDs for white, blue, red and far red. Color, lighting time and light intensity are individually adjustable with the internal four channel driver with DALI lighting protocol. We offer a variety of light management systems to control the Multi 4DIM and let you create the perfect light recipe!


HORTILED Multi 4DIM delivers the highest efficiency on the market. Efficiency levels of up to 2.25 μmol/Joule can be achieved, depending on the light spectrum. This makes the HORTILED Multi 4DIM 60% more energy-efficient than fluorescent lighting.


The HORTILED Multi 4DIM is available in 120 cm with an 80° radiation pattern.


With the Multi 4DIM an intensity range of up to 1200 μmol/m2s is achievable within the 400-800nm horticultural light spectrum. Whether it’s vegetables, fruit, flowers or plants, you create all common light recipes within horticulture and steer plant characteristics such as growth speed, color intensity, leaf development and compactness.


  • The highest output (up to 1200 μmol/m2s) with a minimum amount of fixtures
  • The right light recipe for every crop
  • Energy efficient
  • Compact
  • Connectable with just one five-pole plug for power and four channel control

This product is a fixture (or a part of a grow light system) intended for overhead illumination of horticultural crops. Any other use than the approved intended use described above is considered unintended use. Hortilux Schréder B.V. cannot be held responsible for possible (consequential) damage caused by improper, incorrect or inadvisable use.