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A continuous focus on innovation guarantees us to keep up to our customer promise of the highest possible yield per m2. How we manage that? We are happy to share some insides with you


Hortilux shares knowledge in ‘Medicinal Cannabis Mastercourse’


Medicinal cannabis cultivation is now permitted in an increasing number of European countries, meaning that cultivation of this crop is also likely to grow considerably.

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Smarter lighting: more efficient energy consumption and higher crop yield


Technological developments around grow light mean new possibilities for growers. Developments in light sources and light recipes give growers better control over crop yields and characteristics while reducing energy costs.

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Investment in LED should increase production and quality


LED in alstroemeria is hot: more and more growers are choosing LED fixtures as an addition to HPS lighting. Alstroemeria company Together2Grow has also followed this.

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Greenco opts for innovation with HORTISENSE®


Shortly after the introduction of HORTISENSE ®, Greenco has invested in the digital platform for both their new location of 10ha, and for their existing location in Middenmeer-providing them with more control and insights about their grow lighting installation, any time anywhere!

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Testing as many light recipes as possible at the same time


Over sixty horticultural youth where taught about lighting in the World Horti Center in the Netherlands recently. Kurt Zwemstra of Hortilux and Wessel van Paassen of Green Simplicity dropped by to talk about some of the innovations in the field of lighting in greenhouse horticulture.

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How do you achieve the ideal light recipe?


The honest answer is that the ideal light recipe is still too expensive. The ideal would be a dynamic recipe that is different at the end of the day to how it was at the start.

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