VIDEO: ‘Achieve the best results by understanding grow light technology’


Last week Hortilux participated in the Pro Manager Mastercourse Floriculture. A unique program that welcomes 15 inspiring horticultural managers from all over the world to visit horticultural key players in the Netherlands. Hortilux gladly shared its knowledge and insights on grow light with the group.

The Pro Manager Mastercourse Floriculture is an initiative of Jungle Talks, supported by companies like Hortilux. The specialist in grow light invited the group of entrepreneurs to visit Alstroemeria specialist Together2Grow. This way the participants could also view the products of Hortilux in practice. “The reason why Hortilux is sharing its knowledge with customers, in this case via the Mastercourse Floriculture, is that we have strong believe that it’s not only about selling technology, but also to help our customers to achieve the best results by understanding the technology”, said Managing Director Michèl de Wit of Hortilux. “We are really proud to be part of the Mastercourse and have this podium.”

LED in Africa

Because the participants were from different parts of the world, they all use light in a different way. Hortilux gave them insights on how to benefit most from grow light in their specific situation and in some cases, this led to surprising conclusions. “In Africa and specifically in Kenya we don’t consider LED lights or even HPS lights as something we can actually use, because we have so much sunlight”, said Harry Kruger from Equinox Flowers in Kenya. “But learning what we’ve learned at Hortilux, it seems like it’s more and more becoming a viable option for us to look into. I’m excited to see what the future holds for LED in Africa. We’ve all learned a lot. So, we will do more research and be in contact with Hortilux.”

Annemarie de Theije from Florensis in Kenya also thought the afternoon at Hortilux was very educational: “We learned to have a different view on the future, so by using new technologies we can improve quality and productivity.” Alyssa Guo from Donewellflor in China especially praised the high level of the Mastercourse: “The quality of the course was very good, and I think the people we talked to are very professional and they know everything in their field. That way we gained insights into their technologies which we can relate to our daily job.”

More information?

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