Easily add LED fixtures to your HPS grow light system


In the coming years, many growers will be adding LED grow light to their existing HPS grow light systems, creating hybrid grow light systems. There are a wide range of reasons for beginning to use a hybrid grow light system. They are often related to new cultivation and production goals, or to the possibilities and limitations that the greenhouse presents (for example higher energy costs and/or limited energy capacity).

We use these principles as the foundation for the ideal light plan with the appropriate evenness and depth. In many cases HPS fixtures can be replaced by LED fixtures, without modification to the electrical installation and ground cables. This reduces the up-front investment, with the operational costs of the LED fixtures much lower as well. We also specialise in both HPS and LED fixtures, enabling us to give broad-based advice on the most cost-effective grow light system application. For example, the addition of LED can enable other reflectors to achieve better light distribution.

Most efficient LED fixtures

In hybrid grow light systems, Hortilux uses the HORTILED Top fixtures. All HORTILED Top fixtures are developed and produced in-house. As a result, we have full control over the quality of the LED fixtures and they more than meet the requirements set for intensive use in a greenhouse. In addition, due to their versatility and innovative design, these LED fixtures are very flexible in use, with optimal light distribution regardless of crop type and greenhouse construction. These LED fixtures are available with different beam angles and are therefore also configurable for lower greenhouse structures

Hybrid grow light with optimal light distribution

When developing our HORTILED Top fixtures, we chose to distribute the grow light over multiple LED light sources. This creates better light reception for both tall-growing crops and ornamental plants, giving you the highest yield from a micromol PAR. Choosing the right reflector is also important. Often this is one with a narrow angle; this reflector also ensures better light penetration in tall-growing crops. In combination with the Hortiled Top, you can create the ideal scenario.

The ideal LED light spectrum

There are various ways that we help growers and growers’ unions to find the ideal LED spectrum. Our consultants play an important role in this. In addition, we work with various research institutions and partners, such as Green Simplicity, and we use our own LED fixtures (either with or without variable light spectrum). Thanks to our extensive experience, knowledge and network, we are often able to provide appropriate advice based on your objectives.

The lowest investment

Growers often see the many advantages that LED grow light offers, but are also aware that the purchasing costs for LED fixtures are higher than for HPS fixtures. We’re happy to work with you to come up with options. For example, we can tailor a grow light solution to the conditions attached to a potential subsidy application. This can drastically reduce the up-front investment for your new LED or hybrid grow light system.

Do you wish to know more?

The new HORTILED Top fixtures are among the top of the market in terms of performance and also have favorable pricing. We are happy to share the product specifications with you. For this you can contact your account manager. The account manager uses a calculation and lighting plan to clarify what these new fixtures will mean for you. We will release the product brochure during the official product launch. You can already request the brochure using the form below. We will send you the brochure first.