More than a hundred growers share their experiences with grow light


Hortilux asked 100 Dutch growers and 30 growers from other countries about their experiences with HPS, LED and hybrid grow light systems. This knowledge document zooms in on the main results of this research. In addition, the experienced Hortilux consultants interpret the results and put them in perspective.


  • Experiences with HPS, LED and hybrid grow light systems
  • The added cultivation technology and commercial value of grow light
  • Grow light: the payback period
  • What goals do growers still want to achieve with their grow light systems?

Sharing Knowlegde

You may request the knowledge document using the form below. We would also like to continue to share relevant insights with you in other ways. Therefore, in addition to the knowledge document, you will receive a knowledge article regarding grow light once every three weeks. These articles take a closer look at the topics from the knowledge document and / or offer concrete guidelines for the optimal use of your grow light installation.