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A continuous focus on innovation guarantees us to keep up to our customer promise of the highest possible yield per m2. How we manage that? We are happy to share some insides with you


Trial at Delphy Improvement Center: LED offers plenty of opportunities


The RWB spectrum - red with a little blue and green light - still seems to be the most efficient LED spectrum for tomato cultivation. In addition, with closed screens, bumblebees seem to fly better under LED than under HPS. These are the conclusions from an LED trial that is being run in the Delphy Improvement Center . Stéphane André from Hortilux and tomato grower Jasper Oussoren from Roots are convinced that growing tomatoes under LED offers opportunities, but at the same time indicate that there are still many research questions.

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Let your grow light system stay on track with the latest developments


When investing in a new grow light system, a one-off calculation is made of the costs and yields. But what if, over time, things start to change – within your business, in the market, or due to new insights in new cultivation technology? Then it's important to take a look at whether your grow light system is still as well-tuned to the current situation as possible. Read more...

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‘Small changes to grow light system can significantly reduce energy costs’


More than half of greenhouse growers in our country have faced cost increases recently as a result of the high gas and electricity prices, according to a recent survey by Glastuinbouw Nederland. Hortilux recognises this and supports entrepreneurs in various ways with their energy saving. Read more...

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Dekorativno Tsvetochnye Kultury pleased with collaboration with Hortilux


LLC Dekorativno Tsvetochnye Kultury (LLC DTK) is one of Russia's leading rose companies. Grow light use plays a key role in their ambition to produce top-quality blooms. For several years Alexander Melnikov has been working with Hortilux to achieve this goal, to his complete satisfaction.

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Energy prices call for a new lighting strategy!


Today's sky-high energy prices have a major impact on grow light use. As a grow light knowledge partner, there are a range of ways in which Hortilux can offer a helping hand to you as a grower. Read more....

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New Hortilux grow light system enables phased investment in LED


Growers who invest in LED usually make the decision to add LED grow light to an existing HPS grow light installation. Because energy prices are skyrocketing and have a major impact on the company's returns is an added incentive. In fact, the sooner the switch to LED is made, the better. However, many growers balk at making the investment required to purchase an LED grow light system. Read more...

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