Grow light solutions

The ideal grow light solution for your crop

Once, many growers had in mind the idea of ‘a generic light recipe for all crops’. Fortunately this notion is well and truly a thing of the past, and we are now seeing that growers want to get much more from their grow light.

The rise of LED and hybrid grow light systems in particular have created new possibilities for many growers. However, it is still quite a quest to decide on the best grow light system for a specific crop and specific situation. For example, the costs and the lack of knowledge about the possibilities and effects of new grow light technology still play an important role.

More knowledge-sharing

Growers would like more information on the properties of the various grow light systems in general, and cultivation with LED lighting in particular, so they can make sensible decisions. Hortilux is responding to this by increasingly sharing knowledge with growers via knowledge events and masterclasses.

Alongside these, Hortilux’s account managers and Grow Light Performance Consultants are here to help. Need more info about stadium lighting? Or growing medicinal cannabis? Get in touch with them! Thanks to them, you benefit from the knowledge and experience of Hortilux and its partners. After installing your grow system, we continue to support you by proactively providing service and maintenance, and through the use of the HortiSense Digital Grow Light Dashboard