Beautiful 'customized' pot lilies and lower energy costs with Full LED grow light system

Wetering Potlilium is one of the most renowned pot lily growers in the Netherlands. They have two production locations of 4.4ha and 3ha in resp. Den Hoorn and Honselersdijk. Here they grow, fully automatically on tables, various varieties of Lily Looks pot lilies with their own variety development and the propagation/preparation of the lily bulbs. The pot lilies grown here are destined for the European market.

Wetering Potlilium recently expanded: a completely new greenhouse with a Full LED grow light system from Hortilux. “We actually wanted hybrid LED lighting for the new building,” begins Peter van de Wetering, co-owner of Wetering Potlilium. “A combination of HPS and LED, only we lacked the power to provide all the fixtures with power. That is why we looked at the possibilities of Full LED together with Hortilux.” Kurt Zwemstra, Area Sales Manager at Hortilux adds: “Once we knew it was going to be Full LED, we discussed the options together based on trials, drawings and calculations. We did a lot of brainstorming about the light recipe in particular, especially the amount of far red needed in the light spectrum is very specific when growing lilies. In the end, together with Peter, we put together the ideal spectrum.”

Precision control and higher plant quality

“We grow as customer-specific as possible and therefore want to prevent plant deviations” continues van de Wetering. “It is therefore important to have as many buttons as possible to turn and thus produce the right plant for the customer. This is the reason that we opted for a custom-made fixture from Hortilux. They also gave full disclosure about the possibilities of their new LED grow light system and I know from experience that it is a partner that keeps the agreements. In addition, Hortilux also has a lot of cultivation knowledge and we have further improved the plant quality by increasing the light level.”

Big energy savings

“In recent years, we have fitted the two greenhouses at Van de Wetering with new 1000W HPS fixtures,” says Zwemstra. “Many of our customers are now speeding up the transition to hybrid LED or even Full LED. A switch to Full LED can save up to about 50% and offers much more flexibility because you can control the climate and the grow light independently of each other.” Peter adds: “And because LED absorbs less energy than HPS fixtures, we are more resistant to extreme energy price increases. Hortilux made it perfectly clear through various scenario calculations what the energy savings per m2 would be.”

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