Beautiful flowers, even if the days are shorter

In the months of the year when the days shorten, growers Together2Grow had enough light to grow attractive alstroemeria. New HSE fixtures with 1000W lighting solution to offer all year round to ensure the flower quality. In addition, a better level of light has a positive effect on the production.

Attractive flowers

“We want to put a beautiful alstroemeria in the market. In much of the year we walk as we call jokingly the risk of ‘bunches spinach.’ Fedor van Veen alstroemeria grower, explains the influence of light on the flower, which is also known as Inca Lily. & nbsp; ‘The alstroemeria flowers on top of the stem. If the flowers get too little light, the buttons remain in growth. The foliage grows on the flower. That does not look attractive. “Fedor van Veen -he began his career at his father growers in trosanjers- cultivation since 1994 alstroemeria. In 2010 he bundled with a fellow breeder forces in Together2Grow. Every year they grow steal with 17 different varieties 30 million for both wholesale and retail. “Together you further,” believes van Veen. The various prizes with their innovations Together2Grow recently won confirm this.

Consistent quality

Fedor: “Our production performance and the quality of the flowers we want to keep it at a constant level and improve where possible. The 600 Watt bulbs were no longer sufficient. Together with the specialists of Hortilux was the choice of growth 1000Watt lighting made. At the same electricity costs -or rather I get my plant more light. “The lighting plan which Hortilux for Together2Grow location in Schipluiden up, given them in agreement with the Fedor location of the distribution. “We chose the aisle. Since the cabinets give the slightest shade to the plants. Moreover, I have the HSE fixtures need fewer luminaires to achieve the desired light level. “Fedor can offer its customers more and better quality flowers Thanks to the new growth lighting. “More light creates stronger stems and so does the sustainability of flowers. An investment that pays off. ”


“Because Hortilux carries out the installation of the artificial light, the lines are short. That works nice, “is Fedors experience. Along with Hortilux he made a plan to replace the lighting system and crop damage while minimizing. “Light is so essential to our plants. That can not be in consecutive days. While hanging lamps in the lattice, we came to the conclusion that we no double screen could hang out more. Hortilux made within a short time an additional reporting to me. What does it mean to hang the lights down and what it means if we keep it? So I could make a thorough assessment. It appears to me that Hortilux fits well with Together2Grow. Hortilux shows that collaboration, innovation and reliability are essential. Let that be exactly what Together2Grow also pursues’.